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Finding accommodation is something complicated in Paris. Get help in this area, will serve you well.
Agency, proposal, offer and advises are all the items we offer.

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  1. Homeowner insurance

    Homeowner insurance

    Student or not, homeowner insurance is compulsory. As a tenant, your lease includes by order a clause which obliges you to sign an insurance contract that foresees the cover of your accommodation ‘rental risks’. Be careful, if you are not insured your landlord could terminate the lease. Learn More
  2. la clé locative 2

    The Key: Student Accommodation deposit

    La Clé (caution locative étudiante) est une garantie de l'Etat qui permet aux étudiants dépourvus de garants personnels de faciliter leur accès à un logement.

    La Clé est gérée par le Crous. Elle est aujourd'hui désormais disponible dans toutes les académies.

    La Clé c'est simple, sûre et solidaire.

    Learn More
  3. Finding accommodation in Paris

    Finding accommodation in Paris

    Once you’ve arrived in Paris, the first thing to do is to find accommodation. How to go about it? We are going to try to give you some strategies and solutions in order to find somewhere to live in Paris. Learn More
  4. erasmus paris

    How to rent an apartment?

    When you come to France to do your studies or work, you must inevitably you find housing. Living with a host family or campus can be part of your options, but some prefer to have their own apartments, either in shared apartment or not, to have more independence.
    But what are the necessary steps?

    Learn More
  5. Erasmus home

    The Rental Contract

    Looking for an appartment is basically very long and complicated. But when found the appartment our dreams comes the moment to sign the lease contract also known as the rental contract.

    Nonetheless, we must also be careful to avoid ending up in complicated situations when you have to return the appartment.

    Learn More
  6. EDF/GDF


    In need of energy? Sign up for an electricity and/or natural gas contract for your accommodation that suits you with EDF or GDF.

    Learn More
  7. CAF housing benefit

    CAF housing benefit

    Whatever their nationality, students can apply for housing benefit from la Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). This financial aid is deposited every month and pays a proportion of the rent. Learn More
  8. Where to live in Paris?

    Where to live in Paris?

    Knowing where to live in Paris isn’t easy as the city is immense and offers various ambiances. Paris is not just a city, but a mosaic of different areas with distinct identities. Learn More

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