When arriving in a new and unfamiliar country or city, it is not always easy to immediately find its landmarks and make friends.  


To Be Erasmus In Paris.com is aimed for young people aged between 18 and 26 coming from abroad who live in Paris and its suburbs.  Whether you are a student, au pair, intern, in a university programme or anything else, you are more than welcome.  


With over five years experience in the student circle, our happy and dynamic team will certainly be one of the best ways to meet your needs and wishes. 


We predominantly specialize and have the most experience in tourism and events planning.  We organize almost 26 trips per year and at least one night out every week.  In view of the significant number of participants and our consequential success, we decided to expand our activities two years ago.  You can now also regularly find on our website information about accommodation, administration and the latest tips.      


Hoping that your new life in Paris will be an unforgettable experience,


Jeff de Schilton (good-humored creator).